Please only pay my invoice if you are happy for me to proceed with the application.

In return for my application for a mortgage on your behalf, you agree to pay Stephen Thatcher, on application of the mortgage. This will be after acceptance of a Decision in Principle if the lender offers this facility.

The arrangement fee is based on the time required, having regard to the degree of expertise, complexity and responsibility involved.

The arrangement fee will be non-refundable, even if the lender does not agree to lend.

Applications are subject to further underwriting and no guarantee at this stage can be given that the lender will indeed lend the required amount.

[The arrangement fee remains payable even if you decide not to proceed, in which case this fee may become liable to VAT depending on the nature of the advice given.]

It may be necessary from time to time to alter the terms of this Agreement as described in this letter due to changes in the law, regulations or circumstances. Prior to effecting any changes, you will be given notice of these in writing. If you wish to terminate this Agreement you may do so at any time by giving notice to me in writing.

I am pleased to offer my services to you.

Payment of my fee also shows your agreement to my terms and conditions.