No, not those ones.


I’m going off “the science of mortgages”.  It was all very good when I had “the art of mortgages” which I then decided to change into a more “Sherlock” themed science version, but I’m not sure how well it works.


I suppose a strap-line should be related to what I do, and condensed down to something that someone would remember easily, like a little verbal jingle.

“every little helps”

“live well for less”

“never knowingly undersold”

That kind of thing.  Except when you read them, they don’t really make any kind of sense.  They just sound nice.


So, how do encapsulate me (professionally) in a few words?


What do I do? What I do is to arrange mortgages, protection and home insurance.  There’s loads of people that do that.

How do I do it?  Same as most of the others, I suppose.  Meetings, research, recommendations, documents, inputting, chase, chase, chase, and then the offer is issued.

Well, that’s not helping much.

What does the client get?  They get the ability to own or keep their own home with as little stress as possible.

Why do people use me?  They seem to be looking for someone who can guide them through the process.  Someone who will run around for them.  Someone who takes as much of the stress away, but at all times keep them aware of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

Looking at a few of my testimonials, I see words like “help”& “advice”.  Everyone seems to have been on an emotional journey (sorry), and my presence throughout, has made it somehow easier for them.

OK, my first attempt might be a bit harsh.

“treating my clients like idiots since 2006”

Probably won’t work.  Hopefully you can see what I’m getting at.  If I start from the point that the client knows nothing about the subject, I feel that part of my job is to get them to understand the process thoroughly.


Also, I genuinely care about the client.  I try to take on board what they’re looking to do and how big a change this is for them.  I just remember how I feel in situations like that.  The most difficult bit is waiting for the lender to accept a decision.  As the computer decides whether to say yes or no, I stare at the screen, my heart pounding!

So, what do I do?

I walk with the client on a complicated and stressful journey to make it as smooth as possible for them.


How do you encapsulate that?  Darned if I know.

So, it’s over to you dear reader.  Help me find a strap-line.  Email your suggestions to me at by the end of February and if I use your suggestion I’ll send you a John Lewis voucher for £25.