“Just wondering what the process will be if we decide to make an offer? Don’t worry we’re not about to today, but we saw about 5 properties over the weekend and one of them we were keen on and it got me thinking. “

Steve says…

Usually it’s best to see a property twice.  You’d be amazed how a property changes on the second viewing.

When you are sure that it’s the right property for you, and checked that it fits your affordability and monthly budget feels free to make an offer to the agent.

Too low and you might rick alienating the owner, but too high and you might lose a potential saving.  Usually the first offer is 90% of the asking price.  Give the agent a copy of the decision certificate to show that you are serious and could move fast if necessary.  It’s always good to ask the agent what the owner s doing.  If they are looking to buy another property, being able to allow them time to find another property might be just as good as offering to move quickly and make the owner feel under pressure.

The deal usually gets done at 95% of the asking price, however if you want it, can afford it and the only way to get it is to pay the asking price, do it.  Don’t regret losing it.

Also make sure that the agent takes the property off of the market and cancels all future viewings to make sure that no-one then gazumps you.

Client’s question of the week.
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